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       How to make a shop entry

I have been asked several times how do I make a shop entry. So here is a step by step how to do exately just that. *smiles

When you have made your design, you outfit, deco or whatever it is. you got to communitypage, scroll down to the blue box called My Shop. Open that one.

In here you type the name of your design, and you can put in a URL for your picture of it (see HERE how to do that)

it ask for a price. if it is for 18+ password and most important you have to add a link to your design..

To do that. you have to upload your design.

First you zip it. or put it in a rar.. or leave it as a mpz

Then you go to Mediafire or another place where you can upload your files. create an account, follow the steps HERE how to do that.

So here is what you do..


 make an account to upload your file to, like on mediafire, esnipe or some other free program. (HERE is how)


upload your files


then take the link it gives you and put it in your shop entry


make an account in Photobucket or somewhere else you can upload your pictures on the internet (HERE is how)


uplade your picture and take the link to it (the direct link) and put it in your shop entry.


 finish your shopentry with password, prize etc etc..


 when you have done this, and click on submit it give you a link to this shopentry.. save that one.. it is the one you have to put on your website as the link for when someone has to buy it.



then you go to your website. click on the picture you got and click on link. then add the link you just got from your shopentry..

Any questions, just send me a msg in Moove

Blessings Madam Moove


Here is Mooves own explanaiton, about how to do this..

(just to confuse you a little more *giggles)

Selling member created 3D content for Community Dollars (C$) using the "Sell" option under "Shop" on the Community Page

     It's so easy! Just have a look at the screenshots below:

  • enter a description of the item e.g. Jacket

  • enter the amount you want to charge for the item, e.g. 10 Community Dollars

  • create a password - optional, will be needed if your item is password protected

  • enter a link where the item can be downloaded




      After submitting you will get the "sales link":

  • please copy the link into the download site - you could also add the link to your moove homepage/housepage or link a picture in your club room- next to the screenshot/description of the 3D item

  • if visitors click on the link to buy the item, the amount of 10 C$ will be transfered autmatically to your moove online Community Dollar account




  • click on the "sales link" as well to check if you entered everything correctly

  • also have a look at your Community Dollar account to check how wealthy you are :)

Buying member created 3D content with Community Dollars (C$) using the automated transfer system


  • After clicking on a "sales link" on the homepage/housepage or website of a designer, you will get to see the window below

  • just click on the "Buy" button if you are interested in buying the offered 3D item



  • the amount of 10 C$ will then be transferred automatically from your moove Community Dollar account to the designer's Community Dollar account

  • don't forget to download your 3D item by clicking the respective link. :)



By the way: 3D items from the moove shop are always FREE