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                       Recieving Files

Your Moove folder looks something like this, when open

If you dont know how to find it, here is how I was told to do, and the only way I knew how lol..

Once you get there, rightclick and make a shortcut to the desk so you can find it again..Or drag and drop it to the desktop

You can get the files in 3 different ways

As a normal file, as a Zip or RAR  and as a Mpz

Well the easy one of those three is the Mpz.. cause all you do is doubleclik it and it installs itself.

The normal file needs to be put in the right place, so that leads us back to the Moovefolder, you will have to put the outfit files in the outfit folder, actors in actor folder etc...

If you recieve some Jpgs with a room you will have to go to Art folder > jpg

Is it a jpg you want to use for when you paint a room of your own, then you shall put it in the Paint folder.

If there is some subject I forget, please send me a mail, so I get to cover most as possible.. And wow I got on a sidetrack again now.. Oops

Well that was normal files and Mpz, so now we need Zip or Rar (kinda the same, and not...)


To open a Zip (or rar) you will need a program, and dont go buy the expensive one for the zip, you can go here (click on coffecup) and get it for free CoffeeCup and to open a rar you need the program called Winrar (if you know of any free programs, let me know and I will list them here)

Now when you have that installed you can click on a zip and it will open a folder called the same as the zip, and in that you will find the files you need. Now you need to put them in the right place. like written just above about normal files. Lets look at the Moovefolder again to be sure.

If I or another member gives you something, all they have to do is to dragg and drop it to your actor.. that means they take a file/zip/Mpz from their folder and dragg it to the Moovewindow and to drop it at your actor, you can also do that yourself if you want to share something, but remember if it is brought items, you can not give it out, they will have to go get it themself..

When you get something from another member, you can find it in your Moovefolder, in the subfolder called RECIEVED and there should be a folder in there with their name on.. So if I give you my actor, you should be able to find it in C Drive > Moove > RECIEVED > Madam Moove

This is how they all look

(or can look. it depends on the program you got on your computer)





They can all look very differently but is same style, like a zip is a boxtype, yours will poberbly be purple or yellow, so was mine, I dont know what I did to get it blue,.. yup I am as lost as you lol thats why I started theseblogs. lol


(Mooves Own Helppage about files)

You may receive files from other members. If the files are transferred with Roomancer, they are copied to subfolders of your \moove\received folder in Windows Explorer. These files have to be put into the right moove folders - depending on the filename extension:

  • MPZ files are a moove file format. These files are containing packed files. If you double click on a MPZ file, all containing files are unpacked and copied to the appropriate folders automatically.
  • ZIP and RAR files contain packed files, too. But you need to install WinZip or WinRar to unpack these files and you have to move the files to the folders manually.
  • All other files have to be copied to moove folders containing files with the same extension.

More information:

  • As a member of the moove online 3D world you can use actors, outfits and furniture. 3D objects are the ingredients and have to be installed on your own PC.
  • A standard set of these objects comes with the Roomancer installation. You can install more objects from web pages (shops or housepages) or from files.
  • If you get visited, you and the other visitors need the objects for the visitor’s actor.
  • Visitors need the objects of the visited house.
  • Missing objects cannot be rendered by Roomancer or are replaced by placeholder (red robots or green boxes).
  • Roomancer tries to copy the missing objects between the PCs or to download from websites.
  • This automatic action is restricted because of non free objects. We recommend installing of required objects in advance.
  • Please note: Faulty objects can cause errors in Roomancer. In this case please do not use the object any longer and inform the designer.

Shops with self installing MPZ files: a single mouse click automatically starts the download and installation.

Hint: You can also double click MPZ files in Windows Explorer or in Zip files.
However Drag-and-drop
Act actor files from the Windows Explorer or Zip to the floor of your house. (Your visitors can download the files from there, if you enabled copying by right clicking the floor and "Access control...", "Properties...".) After right clicking the 3D items please select "Import Actor".
If you get other resource files, please copy into the related subfolders e.g. *.actor to c:\moove\actors, *.outfit to the matching subfolder of c:\moove\outfits.
Please read how to "restore" other members` posture, expression and room backup files to add to your own resources:
Help - Backup, Help - Questions & Answers

To exchange postures and expressions with other members, just right-click another actor and copy the posture before clicking the moove Roomancer "Extras" button. Then "Tools", "Posture Editor".
To create one or more actor "Servants" just use "Extras", "Developer Tools", "Create Servant". Only you will see it. It will stay until you either dismiss it or exit the room.
You can right-click it to trade bodies when making new postures.
Use "Extras", "Tools" "Backup Postures" to generate a file with all of your postures.
If you get this file from another member, just copy it to your Roomancer folder (C:\moove in most cases).
After importing the file you will have all of the postures of the other member without destroying your own.
Select a posture or a posture sequence just by embedding the name into your chat input as a
chat command, e.g. <sit>, <crawl>, <lie> or <Relax>. Use <e> to exercise between the last two postures or expressions. Try the F3 key and select a command...
Show Your Mood To Those Present In The Room By Using Postures And Expressions

Hint: Since files are on your own PC, we suggest frequent Backups.


glassbut32.gif image by Madam_Moove

PSSSST: If you need more help or wants to be guided thou something step by step, you are most welcome to contact me in Moove or by mail and I will try to help you thou it. No questions are to small or strange. I remember them very well myself. When I was new in Moove, I didnt even know a computer had a C drive, and that is one of the reasons I have made these helppages, cause I know Im not alone (ahh well I hope Im not lol) and that I have made them as detailed as I have.  Thank you to my Moove Mom Jess1ee for her paitents me with. You are my inspriation to keep helping others and never to judge anyone.

I ♥ Mister Moove & Moove.com  :o)