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   How to put a picture of your own, on your nickpage

How to put a picture on your nickpage..

(and your guestbook, your messages etc.)

there is many options.. but the one most members want to learn, is how to put something in your free profile so here this one is explained.

First thing you need to do, is to create a Photobucket account if you want to use your own pictures..

You do that by going to http://www.photobucket.com/ and create a free account.. mine looks like this

then you click on upload and find the pictures you want to use and upload them. When you have done this, it will look like this picutre, is shows 4 different codes for the picture.. I only use no. 2 and 3

For your free profile/guestbook/messages etc you need to use the 3rd code, called HTML

copy that one to your clipboard and open your free profile by going to communitypage,


scroll down to where it says free profile, click it and you get this window.

Now most important is to click the button called source

when you click it, it will look like this..


dont worry about that, just pastle your code in here and remember to click source again, so it shows normal as a picture..

Now you got your picture in your free profile..

This is same way it is done in guestbooks, messages and anywhere else you need to put a picture..