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    Deleting the Rose2.aka file and/or cache

Often when you got problems with something in Moove. it helps to delete the file called rose2.aka and/or to delete the contence of your cache folder.

I often advice ppl to try this before they delete or overwrite moove. its worth a try cause it wont hurt or delete anything.. But here is how to do it. step by step.

line16.gif image by Madam_Moove  ATTENTION   line16.gif image by Madam_Moove

One advice first thou.. Ive noticed over time that sometimes, if you got a soullist with lots of souls.. save a copy of it, before you do this and put it back in when your done, cause doing this sometimes restore your soullist back to the default one. so save it somewhere else (not in the Moovefolder) and just put it back in when you have restarted the computer.
First you go to your Moove folder, which you find on your computer, usually on the c drive. (if you cant find it, go to the page on this site called Moovefolder, it shows you how to find it) then open the Moovefolder and it will look something like this. (Not one Moovefolder looks the same, so dont worry if it wont look like mine.)



 Now find the file called rose2.aka and delete it.

 then go to the folder called cache and it should look something like this


not one cachefolder look the same, so dont worry if you got much less or more than mine shows, then open it and delete what is INSIDE it.. do NOT delete the folder itself.. only what is inside it. Including the subfolders as you see on the picutres here those called something with numbers.. Just DONT delete the folder called Cache.

then close it and restart your computer.. this usually fixes most problems..(well it has for me, and Im lost when it comes to computers lol, I know a lot about Moove, but computers? nope... Im lost lol) 

glassbut32.gif image by Madam_Moove

PSSSST: If you need more help or wants to be guided thou something step by step, you are most welcome to contact me in Moove or by mail and I will try to help you thou it. No questions are to small or strange. I remember them very well myself. When I was new in Moove, I didnt even know a computer had a C drive, and that is one of the reasons I have made these helppages, cause I know Im not alone (ahh well I hope Im not lol) and that I have made them as detailed as I have. Thank you to my Moove Mom Jess1ee for her paitents me with. You are my inspriation to keep helping others and never to judge anyone.



I ♥ Mister Moove & Moove.com  :o)